7 Home Decluttering Tips for Seniors- Tip #2

As mentioned in Tip #1- https://www.milestonemoves.com/7-home-decluttering-tips-for-seniors-tip-1/ get a notebook and begin tracking your plans for decluttering. Create a section in your notebook and begin with Tip #2- Make an inventory of[…]

COVID-19 Day 21

COVID-19 Day 21:  My dad’s senior living community has been in quarantined for 21 days.  No outside visitors are welcome.  During these trying times of having to stay-at-home, social distancing[…]

Aging in Place

As baby boomers start thinking of downsizing, most plan to stay in their homes. According to an AARP survey, 76% of Americanss over the age of 50 are planning to[…]