About Us


Our purpose is to Educate, Advocate and Relocate buyers and sellers. To effectively navigate the complexities of home sales, purchases, and estate liquidations. While our ultimate goal is the successful sale or purchase of a residential property, our greatest accomplishment comes from ensuring that our clients are overjoyed (not overwhelmed) before, during, and following a move.


To serve as real estate professionals with a much bigger calling than merely helping people buy and sell a property. To recognize that late-life moves often involve both physical and emotional transitions requiring extra support and empathy. To affirm and support our clients confronting tough decisions. Empowering them to act in their best interest. To price homes to sell and effectively communicate our pricing strategy.


To ensure that each of our clients happily resides in a place of their choosing.

Our Team

With over 50 years of experience our team will work hard to get you to the closing.

Freda Hamlett


Robin Bodwin

Real Estate Broker

Hayly De Witt

Customer Care Manager

Joanne Martin

Director of Events

Stephen De Witt

Director of Operations