Certified Senior Housing Professional

What Sets Certified Senior Housing Professionals Apart?

Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHPs) are specialists who know that in order to best serve the distinct late-in-life transition needs of senior adults, they need to surround themselves with a resource team of trusted professionals. 

Among the most respected real estate professionals in their individual markets, CSHPs have completed extensive prerequisite coursework and the in-depth review necessary to achieve the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) designation.

As such, they are far more equipped than general real estate agents and are committed to serving as professional partners throughout the entire consultative process surrounding a late-in-life move.

CSHPs can be counted on for a lot. In particular:

  • CSHPs recognize and appreciate that a move involves both physical and emotional energy. Late-in-life moves frequently include extenuating circumstances which require a special skill-set and mind-set.
  • CSHPs are well informed about the various senior housing options available in their communities. They collaborate with appropriate professionals in all housing arenas to ensure that seniors are informed about all available real estate and senior living community options.
  • CSHPs know that the term, “senior” encompasses a broad age range and that each person within the senior demographic is an individual and is to be viewed as such. Rather than basing one’s services on age, CSHPs base their services on the needs, desires, lifestyle choices, and unique circumstances of each client.
  • CSHPs appreciate and recognize that although senior clients are typically capable and equipped to make well-informed decisions, some seniors may choose to consult with family, friends, or seek legal advice. CSHPs are trained to collaborate and work within these complex relationships.
  • CSHPs understand the delicacy of certain situations and take the time and steps necessary to successfully assist elder clients in their move from one living arrangement to another. Sometimes this may mean a move from a larger, long-time family residence to a smaller more manageable space in another city, or it may mean from one apartment to another in the same community, or untold other possibilities.
  • CSHPs appreciate that senior-related moves are unique and often require communication within a larger family unit as well as the involvement of multiple professionals from various fields. They surround themselves with a strategic alliance of trusted professionals in order to best serve the client’s needs.
  • CSHPs approach the real estate transaction from two perspectives: the relational and the transactional. They acknowledge that there may be a sentimental component, as well as a financial component that drives decision making, and that often times those two factors are intertwined.

Friend, Advisor and Business Partner

Navigating the complexities of a late-in-life move can often be a daunting task and older adults deserve to work with professionals who fully appreciate their fears, concerns, needs, and goals – and not just those related to moving or selling a beloved home.

While their profession is selling real estate, CSHPs have a strong vocation to serve their senior clients. Their commitment to serving as trusted advisor, and then stepping in as a sales agent at the point that it’s requested, ensures that the senior adult’s best interests are placed at the forefront within a timeframe that they’re comfortable with.

CSHPs are caring and compassionate advocates, skilled business people, and master collaborators. When an older adult needs a team of professionals to assist with a complex move, their Certified Senior Housing Professional is fully equipped to serve as both a guide and a consultant, providing referrals as well as personal service from start to finish.

Standards maintained by CSHPs:

  • Open and clear communication at all times throughout the transaction
  • Attention to both the physical and emotional aspects of every move
  • Affiliation with a team of resource providers who share common values
  • An advocacy mindset and servant heart
  • A collaborative and team oriented approach