Certified Senior Housing Professionals Conference in the time of COVID-19

Greetings from OKC!!
I am at the sixth annual Legacy Conference for Real Estate Consultants that are Certified Senior Housing Professionals CSHP. There are about 130 of us in the nation and we meet once a year to gain more insight into the needs of our older clients and how best to serve them. This year I am finding the information I am learning more important than ever due to restrictions in the Raleigh area caused by COVID-19. I have been unable to meet with my senior friends and host seminars at the Senior Centers since March. Learning new skills in order to make these presentations virtual has been a personal challenge for me because I am an extrovert and prefer in-person interactions. Hopefully this year’s conference will give me new ideas that will make transitioning to virtual Senior Presentations easier for myself and the seniors in our community.

I am also taking a bit of time to re-energize after the last 6 months of COVID shutdown. As a single person it is much harder to travel and enjoy vacation when you have to do it alone. There is no one to express your joy at seeing a sunset over the mountains or a sunrise on the beach. Because this is the third year here in OKC I am familiar with the area and feel more at ease walking around and enjoying all the outdoor parks they have. I am also looking forward to seeing my fellow colleagues although many are not going to be here in person.

As 2020 starts to wind down and it’s craziness continues I am reflecting on my personal relationships and how I serve the senior community in my area. I have plans to record several of my seminars while we are still isolated. I am learning a new software program to best serve that need. I intend to come home next week refreshed and energized in order to end this year strong. 2021 will start with a renewed plan to educate the older community on issues that we are all facing as we age.

Trusted Vendor- Amy Kong at Perpetual Home Care

No matter what kind of life a person leads, we can all expect to need some sort of care and assistance at one time or another. As medical sciences improve and humans begin living longer on average, care in our golden years is exceptionally more important. But how do you go about finding care that suits your needs? Or the needs of a loved one? We reached out to one of our Preferred Partners, Amy Kong at Perpetual Home Care, to learn a little more about the company and the services they provide.

What sets your company/services apart from others?
We are not a franchise and are a family owned company. Perpetual Home Care is very transparent, with the top priority of focusing on the well being of each one of our clients. Our nurse supervisor and our team provides a customized care plan with each client. They’ll also have quarterly visits, (ongoing), which are complimentary.

When working with a client/clients what is your communication style?
Many of our clients come to us feeling emotionally drained, needing us to be proactive with a clear, concisely executed plan in caring for their loved one. We’re empathetic to their situations, always considering the immediate needs of the family.

On average, how long do you work with a single client?
It varies. We have clients that have been with us for over 2 years and some who are hospice patients, who will be with us for 3 days.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the company?
Our owner, Brian decided to start up Perpetual Home Care company after his Mother was in a serious accident. He saw the level of care with other home care companies that were out there and wasn’t truly pleased, with the inattentiveness and communication. Brian’s mother, Abby VanHook. was our very first client. We treat each one of our clients as our one and only.

Perpetual Home Care has been serving clients in the triangle and surrounding areas for 11 years. We are licensed in 8 counties: Wake, Durham, Orange, Chatham, Harnett, Johnston, Wayne, and Franklin. We offer affordable In-Home Care. Our caregivers are top-trained and experienced, providing friendship and support. We offer the following services:
Free Initial Assessments and Quarterly RN Supervisory Visits included, at no extra charge
Meal Preparation
Light Housekeeping
Errand Services
Transportation Assistance
24-Hour Care Available
Medication Reminders
Therapeutic Activities

Call us at either of these numbers: 919-741-3533 (Mobile) or 919-861-5245 (Office)
Email: amy@perpetualhomecare.com