Certified Senior Housing Professionals Conference in the time of COVID-19

Greetings from OKC!!
I am at the sixth annual Legacy Conference for Real Estate Consultants that are Certified Senior Housing Professionals CSHP. There are about 130 of us in the nation and we meet once a year to gain more insight into the needs of our older clients and how best to serve them. This year I am finding the information I am learning more important than ever due to restrictions in the Raleigh area caused by COVID-19. I have been unable to meet with my senior friends and host seminars at the Senior Centers since March. Learning new skills in order to make these presentations virtual has been a personal challenge for me because I am an extrovert and prefer in-person interactions. Hopefully this year’s conference will give me new ideas that will make transitioning to virtual Senior Presentations easier for myself and the seniors in our community.

I am also taking a bit of time to re-energize after the last 6 months of COVID shutdown. As a single person it is much harder to travel and enjoy vacation when you have to do it alone. There is no one to express your joy at seeing a sunset over the mountains or a sunrise on the beach. Because this is the third year here in OKC I am familiar with the area and feel more at ease walking around and enjoying all the outdoor parks they have. I am also looking forward to seeing my fellow colleagues although many are not going to be here in person.

As 2020 starts to wind down and it’s craziness continues I am reflecting on my personal relationships and how I serve the senior community in my area. I have plans to record several of my seminars while we are still isolated. I am learning a new software program to best serve that need. I intend to come home next week refreshed and energized in order to end this year strong. 2021 will start with a renewed plan to educate the older community on issues that we are all facing as we age.