Introduction-Life with Dad: A Daughter’s Journey


I have often thought of writing about my experiences being the caregiver for my dad.  After much encouragement I am going to start.   It is estimated that one in five baby boomers care for an aging parent.  Often this happens right as we become empty nesters.  We raise our children and hopefully send them off on their own.  It’s time to enjoy the “golden years” and then it happens; mom and/or dad falls or becomes ill and life changes.

For me, it was a doctor’s appointment in January 2012.  Mom asked me to go to the doctor appointment with her to get the results from some tests done before the holidays.  I was not prepared for the news, but mom had her suspicions.  It was cancer, but not just any cancer it was Pancreatic.  I left the office and got in my car.  I drove through town crying the whole way home.  What now?? 

See, my mom was my dad’s caregiver.  He has dementia.   Life was about to change.

The last eight years have had their highs and lows.  There have been challenges both expected and unexpected.  I’ve learned about home healthcare, hospice, VA medical and even how to give shots in the abdomen.   Along the way I also learned about the issues many seniors face as they age.  My experiences are a major influence in my choice to help seniors and their families navigate later-in-life moves. 

My hope is to bring you a few laughs about my journey with dad along with insights and information about issues faced by seniors, their adult children and caregivers.  I would love to hear from you.  If you have questions, let me know and I will attempt to address them in future blogs.

Welcome to the journey.